About MC

"We're an open book with well guarded secrets..."

In the bening-ging


It was round about July 2019 that Justin and his girlfriend, Christi, decided to start a custom T-Shirt brand…that’s about it actually. We’ll let you know how it goes from here.


The Mourning Coffee staff consists of 2 introverts and a Maltese poodle. The Maltese Poodle didn’t want o to be included on the site as she’s a silent partner.

Justin: What can be said about Mr. Wiggins that hasn’t been said about all the great leaders and influencers of the world…a lot more actually. Justin is a Graphic- & Web Designer who says he was featured on the cover of TIME MAGAZINE in the December 2006 issue (It’s true…google it). He’s also a video editor, programmer, 3D printing nerd, network engineer and has worked for many years in the film industry related to design, producing and marketing. There is just way too much more to say about this humble man. So check out his personal website: www.justinwiggins.co.za

Christi: She’s Justin’s girlfriend.


Want to become a MOURNING COFFEE distributor?

Then you should become a Pot Dealer. If you’d like to sell our shirts privately or as a business, then feel free to give us a call.